What is Manure Tea and how to use it?



What is Manure Tea?

WhinnyPoo Manure Tea is a wonderful nutrient-rich soil conditioner made from 100% natural composted horse manure; a great source of nitrogen and packed full of goodness for your garden and container plants.

WhinnyPoo is the product of our own 4 beautiful family horses: Lulu {White Connemara Cob}, Pippa {Bay Irish Sportshorse}, Ronnie {Piebald Cob} and Woody {Bright bay Anglo Arab} and feed from our own pastures.

Brewed manure tea enriches your soil and adds much needed nutrients to your plants.  WhinnyPoo can be used as an organic alternative to chemical fertilizers and is a more sustainable practice of fertilization.

The process of using manure tea, as fertilizer is considered sustainable because it utilizes a waste product such as the horse manure.

We package each teabag by hand in eco-friendly organic cotton pouches. Each teabag is approx 12cm x 7cm is size.


Does it pong?

No properly composted manure has no unpleasant smells, infact it smells sweet and earthy.


How is WhinnyPoo made?

The process of making our WhinnyPoo™ manure tea begins with the collection of manure from our paddocks and supplemented with bedding and manure from our stables.  The next step in the process involves curing all that lovely manure we collected, this is done by layering the manure pile –  controlling the temperature, oxygen and moisture and monitored regularly over a period of time.

Once our manure is cured properly and destroyed any potentially harmful pathogens it is filtered and bagged by hand.


How to Apply Manure Tea?

The manure tea can be applied either as a foliar feed or directly to the plant base. Place it in a spray bottle for easy misting, or in a watering can for better saturation. You could also use a hose-end sprayer for those larger areas. It can also be used on your lawn, especially those dried our patches to bring them back to life.

Manure tea can be poured directly onto a compost pile, this will speed decomposition.



WhinnyPoo Manure Tea

No antibiotics
No chemicals
No GM feed
Just natural goodness