Our horses

Where does our manure tea come from?


WhinnyPoo manure tea is the product of our own 4 beautiful family horses: Lulu {White Connemara Cob}, Connor {Bright Chestnut Irish Draught}, Ronnie {Piebald Cob} and Woody {Bright bay Anglo Arab}.

We only harvest the poo from our own horses, which feed, freely on our own lush Hertfordshire paddocks. We know exactly what we feed them so we know exactly what is in our manure tea – 100% natural goodness, high in nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium.


Gorgeous Princess Lu has helped a few adoring girls through the early days of Pony Club and, although she still enjoys hacking out, now takes it easy as a volunteer at the local Riding for the Disabled group.


Beautiful older gentleman, retired from his previous career, now enjoying his field, friend and gentle hacking. The latest member of the WhinnyPoo team, not long here but already much loved.


Gentle giant, named after the infamous Mr Biggs but couldn’t be a more different character. Safe as houses, sweet natured Ron-Bon takes life in his stride at all times as long as he can engage in his favourite activity – eating.


Handsome ex 3 day eventer, The Seer, had been sadly neglected. He’s now back to full health and showing his best qualities – generosity, willingness and (aka his show name) wisdom – not to mention his wonderful world-class walk .

100% Natural Goodness