Poo Tea FAQs

Does manure tea smell?

No – Properly composted WhinnyPoo manure tea has no unpleasant smells, neither the teabag nor the brewed tea, infact it smells sweet and earthy.


Does it contain any harmful pathogens?

No – Manure tea is composted at controlled temperatures for a specific length of time this kills off any lingering bacteria as well as weed seeds ingested by our horses during grazing.


Do I have to handle smelly manure?

No – The wonderful thing about our manure tea is that comes in easy-to-use oversized teabags. So there is no smell and no handling of manure at all.


Will it burn my plants?

No – Unlike fresh horse manure, which can burn your plants, properly composted manure tea won’t harm your plants.


What can I use it on?

You can apply manure tea to nearly everything in the garden from your vegetable patch, garden lawn, shrubs and flower garden to in indoor containers. Applying manure tea will certainly result in happier, healthier plants. Manure tea is a wonderful nutrient-rich soil conditioner and a great source of nitrogen, which, as we all know is one of the main nutrients all plants need to grow.

A lack of nitrogen causes mature foliage to turn yellow and young plants to fail to develop a nice rich green colour.


Why not just use an ordinary garden fertilizer?

Natural is better! We only harvest the poo from our own horses, which feed, freely on our own lush Hertfordshire paddocks. We know exactly what we feed them so we know exactly what is in our manure tea – 100% natural goodness

It is also a lot cheaper than say a bottle of ready to use Baby Bio which will only give you 2 litres of dilute feed in comparison to up to 5 gallons from just one of our teabags.


What is in it?

Our manure tea is 100% natural goodness. There are no chemicals or synthetic additives. Our horse graze freely on our lush Hertfordshire pastures



No antibiotics
No chemicals
No GM feed
Just natural goodness


How to use?
No getting your hands dirty
Pop a teabag into 1 to 5 gallons of water
Leave to brew for 2days
Water your plants as normal
Each teabag can be re-used 3 to 4 times
It’s as simple as that